Gala Fireworks

We are thrilled and honoured to be competing in The British Firework Championships 2016. This will be our 2nd time competing on the Mountbatten breakwater.


Gala Fireworks are proud to have fired displays for a number of prestigious clients including Paramount Pictures, RAF, Norfolk Constabulary, University of Oxford and Aviva. Our displays have been enjoyed by celebrities such as The Archbishop of Canterbury, Lewis Hamilton and Leona Lewis to name a few. We have a spectacular display lined up which will feature some of the best pyrotechnic effects available in the UK. Using our state-of-the art FireByWire system, we can launch fireworks with split-second accuracy to give breath-taking sequences that dazzle and amaze.

We would like to thank TESA and Plymouth Council for this wonderful opportunity and look forward to providing a stunning and explosive display!

Show designer: Danny Edwards

Recent Awards:

2013: Belvoir Castle Firework Champions – WINNER
2014: Eastnor Castle Firework Champions – WINNER
2014: British Musical Fireworks Championship (Southport) – 2nd PLACE
2015: British Firework Championships – 4th PLACE
2015: Belvoir Castle Firework Champions – 2nd PLACE