Fuse Fireworks

Ryton Close, Blyth
S81 8DN

Contact: Brian Marshall

Telephone: 08453 883873

Mobile: 07766 302000

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.fuse-fireworks.com

fuse fireworks

About Fuse Fireworks

Fuse Fireworks is an award-winning firework display and special fx company.

We are a group of like-minded individuals who are driven by a passion for fireworks, a commitment to excellence in practice, and the desire to consistently deliver a high standard of professional service at a fair price.

For us at Fuse Fireworks these fundamental ideas are crucial.

We believe that "everyone should have the best fireworks possible" and so we spend time getting to understand an event, to make sure that we deliver the right show to engage with an audience.

We tackle every project with optimism, and as a unique challenge. We push ourselves creatively looking for new ideas to give our clients more and exceed expectations time after time. We listen, we plan, we deliver, we evaluate, we knuckle down and we get the job done!

We are honest. We always keep our promises.

We know that when you choose Fuse Fireworks you are putting your trust in us to deliver, and we won’t let you down. 

You will be investing in a company with over 35 years collective experience in the pyrotechnic industry, a British Pyrotechnists Association member with a 100% safety record.

Our technicians are BPA trained and City and Guilds qualified technicians who are led by a senior technician with years of on-site experience under their belts.

And to fire our shows we employ cutting-edge technology, ensuring that we deliver a safe and spectacular firework display each and every time.

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