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Rowland Close, Wallingford
OX10 8LA

Contact: Karl Mitchell-Shead

Telephone: 01491 825809

Mobile: 07972 034629

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illusion fireworks

About Illusion Fireworks

Illusion Fireworks Limited are absolutely honoured to be selected to compete in The British Firework Championships! The team of passionate pyromaniacs are massively excited and looking forward to 'Filling the Plymouth Sky with Magic'.

Realizing his dream, the company was setup in the Home Counties around 4 years ago by show designer and all round twisted fire-starter Karl Mitchell-Shead. From humble beginnings the original team of 8 have grown very quickly in so many amazing ways, establishing themselves as the leading display company in their area and now embracing almost 70 members of the 'Illusion Fireworks Family'!

Karl believes the magic in Illusions displays comes from intricately combining fast-paced technology and cutting-edge techniqies with the sheer power, beauty and wonder of fireworks. Choreographing only the very best effects and colours artistically, from the best manufacturers in the world, on a scale like no other is the secret to their success so far. They literally want to make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and for your spine to tingle!

Illusion provide shows all over the country, some one hundred displays every year for bonfire nights, new year, weddings and all sorts of public, corporate and private occasions. They have been lucky to show their work to famous footballers, Russian oligarchs and even her majesty The Queen and her wonderful armed forces!

2018 is a HUGE year for the team, they have also been selected to compete in the British Musical Firework Championships in September and the Firework Champions event at Stanford Hall. Giving everything 110 percent, the guys and girls have some real treats lined up for all to see in their entries!

Karl: "We have spent countless hours discussing effect combinations, trialling sequences and picking out some incredible fireworks for this year’s display entry, we are giving this everything we have and then some! The team and I cannot wait to show everybody what we have been planning for the 9th July!”

Show Designer: Karl Mitchell-Shead

Firing System: British Made FireByWire (and proud!)

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