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Displays from The British Firework Championships 2015, in firing order:

Tuesday 18th August

  1. Pheonix Fireworks
  2. Syprotechnics
  3. Essex Pyrotechnics

Wednesday 19th August

  1. Fantastic Fireworks
  2. Gala Fireworks
  3. 1st Galaxy Fireworks

1st Galaxy Fireworks

This video is about 1st Galaxy Fireworks - Team Three, Wednesday 19th August 2015

Gala Fireworks

This video is about Gala Fireworks - Team Two, Wednesday 19th August

Fantastic Fireworks

This video is about Fantastic Fireworks - Team One, Wednesday 19th August 2015

Essex Pyrotechnics

This video is about Essex Pyrotechnics - Team Three, 18th August 2015


This video is about Spyrotechnics - Team Two, 18th August 2015

Pheonix Fireworks

Phoenix Fireworks were the first team to fire on Tuesday 18th August at the British Firework Championships 2015.

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