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AJ Pyrotechnics is a small firework company based on the Kent coast but with a big reputation. We were born out of the love and thrill of seeing fireworks and all of the team who work here are passionate about what we do and what we deliver.
Although formed in 2008, we are relatively new to the competitive display circuit, with our first competition here in Plymouth in 2017 and we are thrilled to be back here again at the British Firework Championships in 2020.
Gaining experience from being in the company of some of the best firework display companies in the UK has raised our status. We have grown in confidence in the competition display circuit and we feel we are now worthy opponents to compete for the title.
Our design teams’ ethos is that we believe that each display we perform, whether large or small, public or private is individual and as such is uniquely designed with the same attention to detail.
Many combined years of creative design amongst the team, allows us to choose the latest innovative effects, complementing some of the most fantastic and unique backdrops in the UK. Here, we dare to be different!

All at AJ Pyrotechnics wish everyone in Plymouth, two fantastic memorable nights of fireworks