Phoenix Fireworks was established in 1972, born out of Joseph Wells & Sons by Ian Craig, it now has three bases across England enabling countrywide coverage for displays. Phoenix was instrumental in organising the first outdoor musical concert with fireworks in conjunction with English Heritage at the Kenwood Bowl and is a founding member of the British Pyrotechnists’ Association (BPA). The company was acquired by Martin Coffin, who has been in the industry for over 30 years. Representing the industry Martin has sat on various firework legislation committees as well as being a past Chairman of the BPA. In 2019, Phoenix acquired Kimbolton Fireworks and will continue supplying the Famous Kimbolton Fireworks brand. Kimbolton Fireworks are synonymous with high quality, a tradition that will continue under the new ownership.

Phoenix have been previous winners of both the British Firework Championships and the British Musical Firework Championships. Phoenix have travelled the length and breadth of the UK doing displays; from Inverness to Cardiff, from Ireland to Scarborough and from Norway to India to UAE. Some notable displays that Phoenix have executed include London Eye New Year’s Eve display, the 10th-anniversary party for Westfield London, EE’s 5G launch party on the Thames and the Malta International Fireworks Festival.

Phoenix have a young and dynamic team who have the ambition and drive to push the frontiers of fireworks forward and come up with new exciting ideas for displays to impress the audience. They continue to deliver truly outstanding and innovative displays, which has been a core principal of Phoenix since it’s inception.

Sevenoaks, Kent
Contact: Will DeFries
Tel: 01732 822788 
or 07572 473282
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