Pyrovision was founded in 1994 from the passion and drive to deliver high impact, dramatic memorable firework displays.

Pyrovision prides itself on the fact that they always deliver an immersive pyrotechnic experience, with their attention to detail and consideration of individual display specifications and requirements meaning they are consistently invited back by clients year on year.

Pyrovision have worked at many prestigious venues of historical and architectural importance, including Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace, Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Citadel, Plymouth.

Pyrovision are also often invited to showcase their pyro-musical expertise at international festival events and competitions as far flung as China, Japan, Canada and, more locally, Monaco.

High standards are maintained in all aspects of their work and they are committed to providing not only the highest possible standard in display design and material content, but also ensuring their crew and technicians on the ground are supported in their training and development. This includes the BPA City and Guilds accredited Firers & Senior Firers Qualifications as well as ADR licences.