Distant Thunder Fireworks was established in late 2007. 

Since then we have had the pleasure of working with the likes of Foti Fireworks from Australia and Smart Pyrotechnics in the Alps, Switzerland, Berlin, Paris, Latvia, Rome and the magnificent but challenging Cannes fireworks festival. All of these have been hard work, but rewarding and lifelong friendships have been made. In 2019 with the help from our friends at Smart Pyrotechnics we were crowned British Musical Fireworks Champions in horrendous weather conditions at Southport 2019.

Subsequently an invitation arrived for Jubilee Fireworks Festival of Fireworks at Catton Hall and MLE’s “Firework Champions” at Badminton and Belvoir Castle with Ragley hall to come in September 23. Since the dizzy heights of 2019 we have slimmed down to get back to basics a little, concentrating on the Wedding and party industry and smaller bonfire night events 2 of which we now run as our own events however, when something as prestigious and fun as Plymouth British Fireworks Championships comes along you can’t say no right? We hope you all have a great time, and we wish the best and safest of displays to all our fellow competitors.