BBB Fireworks, the firework arm of the world famous Battle Bonfire Society, boasts a rich heritage dating back to 1646, making it the oldest bonfire society in the world. With centuries of experience and passion being passed through generations, this generation of the BBB Fireworks team are thriving.

Since 2018, an invigorating transformation has surged through the BBB Fireworks crew. Led by a fresh vision and fuelled by passion and skill, they have gained recognition for delivering awe-inspiring displays across the country.. Their crowning achievement came in 2018 when they clinched victory at the Bonfire Societies Firework Championships. Buoyed by this success, the team were inspired to grow their display portfolio and have now become a fundamental part of raising funds for the Battle Bonfire Society

The Battle Bonfire Society, raises money to put on the world famous Battle Bonfire night, a highlight of the notorious Sussex Bonfire Celebrations. Battle Bonfire Night, each year, raises thousands of pounds for local charities and good causes.

As this generation of the BBB Firework team continue to aspire high and  progress, to continue this great legacy, one thing still remains… WE WUNT BE DRUV!

Willow House 
Bishops Lane 
East Sussex TN32 5EB

T: 07377 448774
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.