The displays are fired from the Mountbatten breakwater and are designed to be seen from Citadel and The Hoe, which makes these areas the prime viewing areas.

People start gathering on the Hoe and along Madeira Road from early evening, particular on warm evenings, where they can enjoy views over Plymouth Sound. To get a prime location it is well worth coming early.

There is also entertainment provided on The Hoe from early evening on both nights, including a fun fair and music from Heart FM. Catering is also provided both on the Hoe and along Madeira Road.

The Queen Anne’s Battery area, which overlooks the firing site, is another popular viewing point.

Mountbatten itself provides some viewing around the Mountabatten pub, although this is limited by the side-on view which means that some of the more spectacular effects may not be seen.

Behind Mountbatten, the Jennycliff area is another popular viewing spot.