Smart Pyrotechnics was formed in 2007 by Steve Martin, who is the Managing Director and Creative Designer.

Smart Pyrotechnics specialises in delivering spectacular shows around the world where people will enjoy experiencing our performance’s and remember our shows for the innovative designs and creative sequences that are fresh and vibrant as we strive to deliver shows that have our own touch of uniqueness…. 

Commercially, Smart Pyrotechnics delivers shows all over the UK from traditional shows, wedding celebrations, local government and public sector through to large scale pyro-musical productions, as well as supplying SFX and flames and running our own productions.

For designing our show visualisation we utilise the Finale 3D software to plan and design every aspect of our concept and performance and then deliver the show using the FireOne digital shooting system together, with the PyroQuip mortar rack system, guaranteeing safety and versatility in our show setups. 

Fireworks are our passion, but the happiness of our audience is our addiction, and our success can only be measured by the reaction of the audience.

Smart DTF Building
High Street
Great Cheverell
SN10 5XZ

T:  07515 8517030
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