Pyrotex Fireworx are a professional firework display company. Our passion, dedication and enthusiasm has seen us grow to become an internationally award-winning company. 

Drawing on over 35 years of experience and knowledge within the fireworks industry, Pyrotex Fireworx has been producing Pyro-musical displays in recent years that have amazed the crowds and wowed the judges across the world. 

Our most recent success was in Montreal in 2022 which we were awarded both the jury and audience awards. 

In 2019 Pyrotex represented the UK in the Philippines and won the prestigious title ‘Grand Champions 2019‘.   This was the first time in the competition’s history that a company had won the competition in 3 consecutive years and has been given the title of “The Grand Slam”. 

We quite simply enjoy enormously the process of planning, creating, and demonstrating our displays that achieve a synthesis of vision and sound that builds a powerful connection with our audiences. 

Pyrotex Fireworx is a fine blend of experience, dynamic creativity, and explosive enthusiasm - all fused together to make us first class when it comes to fireworks. 

Court Farm Lane 
Burton-on-Trent DE14 3HA

T: 01283 517600
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The below links are from some of our international shows 

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